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What is the weather like end of may-first week in June. My cruise is scheduled then and I don't know waht to pack. I can't wait to see Alaska

What a terrific and cheerful quilt!!

Oh Allyson, what a wonderful story, when you were talking about getting those bags of pinks I was thinking to myself, "how did she get them home on her bike"....a site to see for sure.

The quilt is lovely, I too love pink, I should make a pink quilt, just for me! I love that border, it looks like applique, how clever is that!

You spoil your friends with such wonderful quilts, I hope my friends don't get any ideas after reading your blog.

That quilt is wonderful! You are right, the border could not have been a better choice. In fact, it is perfect against the simple pattern of the blocks. Love it.

This quilt is adorable! Make me want for grandgirls someday even more so I too can make fun little quilts like this PINK one! Fantastic...oh yes...a visual of your bike and getting home stash would be grand!! Hee!!

BEE-YOU-TI-FUL!! I KNOW the bride absolutely LOVED it!! I do, too.

Oh for the love of Pink--that is me--I am in love with that color!!
and that quilt is to "die" for!!!
love the pictures of the pink flowers too!!! and I am chuckling to myself--picturing you with two big "black" bags on a bike--way to go girl!!!!
Hugs, Di

The pink quilt is a great example of how a fabulous border can make a regular quilt something special. The thought of two black garbage bags full of fabric scraps makes me just smile. What could be more fun than sorting through them all looking for treasure.

Absolutely love that quilt, the color, the border. It's all good. Would really have loved to see you getting those bags home.

Great story, and very pretty quilt! I love the border.

I'm not a pink lover, never have been, so it is not in my stash in any great amount. Recently I wanted to make a pincushion for my son's new girlfriend. Her favorite color, I asked? Pink. Of course, the color I DON'T have scraps of! A garbage bag of pink would have helped :)

What a beautiful quilt! I'm sure she was tickled...pink! Love the border. At first glance I just assumed it was applique. Now I'm wondering how to get my hands on the pattern!

I love this quilt. If you have lots of extra blocks you should make yourself a quilt. Wish I could have seen you hauling those two big bags home with your bike. Lucky you getting such an awesome deal.

I love the quilt! It is in my guest room, so my cat won't sleep on it and get it all fury. I have my barbies in on shelves on either side of the bed. I think it looks live a little fairy land. Thank you again for making it for me and for putting it on the blog so I can show the ladies at work! Miss and love you!

I'm working on a replica of this lovely quilt right now. Will send a photo when I'm done!

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