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That is wonderful! Aren't you talented! I love how you got all the Alaskan symbols in there without using the bear/fish fabric. Fantastic!

okay...that crab is sooo stinkin' cute...

Even I can see it's Alaska- and I'm Australian! It's a lovely quilt! I love the 3D!!!

I can just imagine the construction of that quilt! Row by row,right? What an amazing piece!

The quilt is darling...love it! However, please be sure those buttons won't become a hazard for the baby....on really good and tight...or maybe replaced with applique?? This quilt will be treasured by the lucky family.

Great quilt! I wouldn't have identified it as a baby quilt unless you pointed that out. I'd love it on my wall, at any age!

What a wonderful quilt and keepsake for the baby. What does it look like now I wonder, hopefully well used, worn and loved.

I've made one baby quilt and one quilt for a toddler, I asked for no thank you note, just a picture of their child on the quilt for my photo album..still waiting....for both. The baby is now a toddler and the toddler is now in school....not looking good....

Cute Quilt!

Love the quilt.

What a great quilt! Love that scrappy sky.

Also wanted to let you know that I just passed along the Sunshine Blogger Award to you in my blog post today. You deserve it!

As soon as I saw your quilt I thought "I've GOT to have that pattern!"...only to read on and discover that alas, I am out of luck! I also have a little boy in Utah that I need to make a quilt for...
Thanks for the inspiration!

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