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A blood clot? OMG Allyson, you crack me up! But what a nice thing to do for your friend's birthday. She must be special - her name is Allison too!

Man, that batter sure is red. It does look more edible once it is baked into the cupcakes. Bet they will be delicious and a big hit!

Homemade red velvet cake is my husband's fav--but not mine! For his 30th birthday, his Mom made him his favorite. There were lots of leftovers, so it was cake for breakfast. Not good when you also have a gall bladdar attach and vomit on the way to the hospital. That will scare a wife!

LOL! I am sitting here laughing because this brings back a memory. We were at a Halloween party a couple of years back. A cake was served with black and orange icing. By the time the cake was devoured everyone had black lips and tongue!!!! It was really hilarious!!! I really do hope this recipe works out for you!! Maybe everyones tongues will turn red as well as there lips. LOL :0)

What if it was fabric? Do you think blood clots then?

I hope the cupcakes were a huge hit, you didn't take them to the party naked did you.....what's red velvet without the cream cheese icing!

Love RED CAKE !!.. I hope you enjoyed it.

Wow they are really , really red !

I've hesitated to make this cake just because of all that red food coloring. It doesn't seem like it could taste good? I did see a recipe on another site where you take a baked red velvet cake, mush it up with a package of cream cheese, form it into small balls, dip in chocolate, and insert little lolipop sticks.
So...how did it taste? Should I give it a go?

I've never made it...what did you frost it with? Did it taste good?

many hugs...jane

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