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Tagalong will be BEAUTIFUL in those fabrics! Love them!

Nice table runner, I love the braided center. Your cats are so funny.

LOL Silly cats! :-) Love your table runner! Have a happy day!

I am so tempted to copy you with your fabric choice for the April Schnibbles! Are you going to make a rectangular runner or will you make the pattern as shown?
How did you quilt the table runner the cats love so much? Did you just do a meander? It is so pretty.

Love the Avignon for this Schnibbles...I'll be watching to see how this comes out!

Your kitties just really love the table runner! So do I! Great job!! :0)

Your choice for Tagalong is new to me, has it been out awhile or brand new....I'll be eager to see it all done.

Gotta give it to those cats, they look GREAT on that runner!

Look how sweet they are. She almost looks like Garfield.

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