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I'm so happy to hear Tigger is doing better.

Thanks for the stroll around your neck of the woods, I've also had spring fever this year. It seems I found every excuse to be outside and not in my sewing room. I think we're lucky to have 4 seasons here, and I love each one of them, but spring is my favorite, everything coming back to life, just like your little town.

Wow! What photos! I'd love to visit up there (in the summer - lol) to see that firsthand. I have a friend in Whitehorse - I may have to make the trek one of these days. Glad Tigger is feeling better - no fun feeding liquid meds to a cat!

Sighing over your pictures as usual--but just a little differently this time. After paying off 2 major credit cards by July, we're going to be tossing that money into the savings account to fund our Alaskan cruise planned for the summer of 2011! That particular ship is not the one I'm thinking of booking, but we definitely will be doing the inside passage and I will HAVE to debark in your town and come blow some funds at your quilt shop!

Just a cat...NEVER! They are babies and part of the family. Glad he is better!!
OK...I have to get to Alaska...I'm just so in love with the photos you shared and to see a real wild bear like that just blows my mind! I get all giddy here when there is a deer grazing in the yard....a bear tops that!! You sure live in a very pretty area....enjoy each day to the fullest for sure!!

Alaska is on my list of places to visit, but I'll never get DH on a plane, let alone a cruise ship!

My great grandmother and her parents lived in Eagle in the very early part of the 1900's. She had her own dogsled team and lived there until she was about 12. We have some wonderful photos from those old glass negatives they used back then.

I love that first photograph!
I'm glad Tigger is much better.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane .... we made our way to Skagway by ferry, stayed overnight and then took the train to Whitehorse. That was over 10 yrs. ago and that is one trip that I could do over and over again.

You are so fortunate to live in such a glorious place! Your pictures are jaw dropping. I have got to get to Alaska.

Ooops. Forgot to say I am happy to hear that Tigger is doing better. Poor baby. Did his ailment cause him to drop a pound or two? Just curious....

Your blog is just great! I loved the photos of Alaska - one of the places high up on my must visit list! One day I'll make it over there. I'm glad to see that Tigger is doing better - I had a sick cat this winter too - and believe me I worried as much over her as I do over the children.
With best wishes, Helen

Hey, it's been "one of those days" for two weeks now!! I have weeks like that but you tease us with great pictures and quilty things and then you leave us in suspense. Hopefully it is just because you are working too many hours and not because of sick kitty issues. Hope Tigger is still doing well. And hope you have time to do a new post here real soon!!

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