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Oh, poor Tigger! I hope he's feeling better now! We see people para-skating out on Lake Ontario in the winter, and they really whip along. I always think what a wind chill you must be making when you go that fast. Brrrr, I don't even want to think about it, now that spring is here at last!

I hope your kitty is feeling better! My cat had exactly those symptoms -- he vomited and vomited whenever he ate anything (and eventually stopped eating) and his xray just showed a whole lot of gas in his intestines. Eventually, he was diagnosed with a food allergy. Now he gets hypoallergenic food and hasn't had any more issues at all. Once he started getting that food it was like he had never been sick at all.

Poor little Tigger, I hope he is on mend soon. Do they charge you extra for something that has to be flown in from Juneau? I'm sure you'll have your Tagalong quilt done soon. Now you just need to figure out what quilt you want to make for May.

Oh I do hate when pets aren't well and they can't tell you either. Wishing your little one well. Oh and as for Tagalong...mine wasn't there either this month. :-)

Your pictures of your cats totally sum up how each of them was feeling about the vomiting episode. Don't worry about Tagalong--it will be done when you get it done.

Oh, yes, a sick cat is a pathetic sight. Glad it was not something seriously wrong and hope he's feeling better.

Para-skiing does look cold! But para-sailing isn't too warm in my neck of the woods (cold Pacific) either!

So when does that snow melt?

I hope the medicine gets Tigger back to feeling better quickly.

Hopefully you're in for a better week this week!

I thought you were going to say Tigger vomited on your quilt project. Sick animals are so hard to watch...you feel helpless. When my doggie was sick, vet told me to give her Pepcid or something like that for the upset. Glad Tigger is on the mend.

Poor Tigger - I hope his tummy is settled and he's back to your perky self.

I am so sorry to hear about your poor cat! Bless his heart! Hope the medicine is doing the trick. Please share your Tagalong when you get back to it!

Hopefully Tigger is feeling better ..... luckily, we have a vet just down the street from us.

I get stressed enough when one of the animals is sick, but to have the vet two hours away? Yikes. I'd be a basket case. We are pretty spoiled here in the big city with 24/7 emergency animal clinics available.

I hope Tigger is feeling better!

So sorry for your Tigger! we love our pets, hope he's doing better soon!

1. poor Tigger! 2. smart Butters 3. totally cool para-skiier! 4. you look great in that photo (you've lost weight...share your secret with me!)

I wanted to check in to see how kitty was doing.

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