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Hello.....I was shocked...and happy to see a new post on your blog this morning. But I totally understand, my April and better part of my May were the same way, I just could not stay in the house when the weather was so nice.

The black thin sashing around your Tagalong blocks looks great, an improvement I think.

The little tuffet block IS adorable....the cats are going to get jealous if you keep petting it. I'm curious as to it's size....less than 4 inches??......lay a quarter in the middle if you photograph it again.

Well it's so good to hear from you, next spring, when you're cooking and freezing your meals for your busy time, write a few blogs to have in your arsenal, so we don't have to go 3 WEEKS without your sense of humor.

It was fun seeing your blog at the top of my blog roll! Gorgeous photos....I wouldn't be inside quilting either! The more I see the photos the more I think a trip to Alaska is a must. Simply breathtaking!!
Your were wise with that tiny black sashing...it worked perfectly and like you said just enough.
Wishing you many more fun filled days enjoying that great outdoors!

Hi Allyson, we've missed you. Don't blame you for soaking up the sun. I love your quilt once you added the thin black sashing, makes them look like tiles. Great idea.

Ahh, now that arrangement soothes the eyes. I may have to do that too.
Your photos are always so lovely. You truly live in a gorgeous place!

Love the black sashing!Go for it!

Been missing you! I can totally understand why you'd be outdoors. Am envious of your weather. Usually our May here in Washington is gorgeous, but it has been the coldest, wettest one on record I'm sure. I have done a lot of quilting, but long to be spending time outdoors.
The black sashing on your quilt was just the thing it needed. Love the colors! And your little 'tuffet' will look charming framed. Good to have you back!

Glad you were out enjoying that fantastic scenery and the nice warm sun. This time of year draws so many people out. Which is why the rescue squads are so busy too, LOL!

Love the little black sashing, great idear there. You do not have ADD exactly, you have QADD. It's ENTIRELY different and affects millions.

So that's where all our heat has gone! We've had a much colder than normal spring here in Seattle and I actually had to put the second quilt BACK on the bed! Would you send some of that heat this way, please?

Thanks for sharing the great Alaskan wilderness....someday we WILL get there.

As for the teeny, tiny bit of black sashing, WOW! I really like it. Don't think that would ever have occurred to me.

Nice to see you are back! I love your quilt and the photos of your mountains:)

I just love your tagalong quilt made from a Breth of Avignon. I just love, love this fabric. I really like the little black sashing, so each block pops on it's own.

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