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I hear you...I hear you loud and clear with regards to the quilt shop and not updating the webpage!! It happens to me as well and is flipping irritating especially when we are all jazzed up to start the project!!

Ouch! I ordered some material at a recent quilt show in the UK (so actually place the order face to face!) and was assured that it would be posted as soon as possible - but 4 weeks later, still no sign of it....

It is bad service... i think 5 days is way too long!!!! On the other hand I love Flag Day Farm it is one of my favourites :)

Hey, we are birthday girls together! Mine is the 13th. No wonder we like each other so much.
So sorry about your customer service issues. I think we should do a post where we list the online shops we have had great luck with.

First off, happy belated birthday. Second - yes, it's shameful the way some stores treat customers. I'm glad you were able to find your Flag Day Farm layer cakes at an even better price. It's your reward for having to wait so long!

I am not defending this shop, but do know (she has a blog), that her son has ALS, and they are having a family crisis. Could be an exceptable reason for this problem. But yes, I agree, if you sell online, you should keep it current. I usually add some extras to my order, so you get that, but not what you really want.

I LOVE Flag Day Farm, I used that fabric for my North and South quilt. I'm so glad you were able to find some, sorry it wasn't easy.....

I too have had that happen to me - twice. So I just took them off my list of places to buy online. The second time they called me (yes 5 days after I ordered) I asked them why they were just filling my order 5 days after I actually ordered? Of course they had no answer. But they are the exception; I would say I always get fabulous customer service from my online stores! I'm glad you found you found "Flag Day Farm". It's really darling! Happy belated birthday.

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