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I love those hanging buckets, I would paint them red. I have a hard time keeping flowers alive too. Once it heats up in AZ it just cooks the plants. If I had time to water them like two times a day maybe they could survive, who knows.

Those little hanging buckets are adorable. I think they would be awesome painted red. I solve my forgetful watering woes with a simple drip irrigation system on a battery run clock timer. Keeps the pots watered and plants alive even when my thoughts are on other stuff like quilting. Best money I've spent on my yard!

Yeah....join the not so garden club. I do get a big chuckle of your right up and that word "responsibility." Can I tell you that this is the first year ever I've attempted one solo tomato plant. Yepper...only one and they are small cherry tomatoes. I keep it up on my deck away from the deer and so far so good. I'm happy to report that I ate two cherry tomatoes last night! I've already mentioned to hubby that perhaps next year I will "attempt" a small garden. Your hanging pots are adorable! I say red!

The little hanging pots are very cute. My fingers are crossed for you. I need to try the sticky not thing. We finally have a little garden this year--little for practice. It is a lot of work, but it seems to be doing OK. Good luck to us all! L,A-

I'm with you on the epic fail to grow things. Well, in pots anyway. I can't remember to water pots often enough. I always say I have a yellow thumb. I can keep the plants alive, they just look really crappy the whole time until I finally stop watering at all; then they die and I throw them away and get new ones. Mostly I have things in my garden plots that you have to actively kill, like daylilies, begonias, sage, gazanias and statice. Oh, and kangaroo paws. I like your hanging pots, but agree with painting them a different color. Almost everything goes with orange.

My biggest problem is I forget to water them!! It gets so hot here in summer sometimes I have to water 2x a day. I try and go easy on the potted plants and just have a couple. Good luck!!

Red..most definitely paint those adorable flower pots red....but I like them the way they are.

Good Luck with your growing garden and garden growing!

I used to have a small flower garden out front but I could not keep Cooper from digging in it. I'm sticking with the decorative rock this year that I put down last year.

Wishes of luck to you!
I'm sure it will be a great experience, one way or the other!

I, too, cannot grow a thing...don't know why...but I keep at it...don't paint them...they are GREAT colors! Miss you!

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