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Oh my - I swallowed my coffee the wrong way from laughing when I saw that cruise ticket. Is that real? HIlarious!

How wonderful to be able to see a bear and cubs just by the side of the road. I envy you the wildness of it all!
Don't worry about the knitting - stick with it and it will come! From here, your efforts don't look half bad!
have a good week,
Lol helen

What a nice way to start my Monday, with a light and funny post from Allyson. I can just hear the bear cubs saying, "come on Mom" and Mama bear saying "wait up", just like every other family, bear or not.

With all you've got going on, you're taking up knitting? Good Luck, I can crochet but could never get the two needles required for knitting to work for me.

In the Pullen Creek picture, i was like, "what's that red thing in the background? It's a cruise ship, I think!

HAHA, welcome to Alaska Mr Yu....

I needed a good laugh, funny name. Great pictures. Beautiful scenery. Tried my hand at knitting, still have my scarf in a basket, might finish it someday. Love your fabric, especially the Flag Day Farm. In fact you got it in my head how great the fabric is and no layer cakes to be found, I did however, find 4 charm packs and had to have them. Your State Fair is going to be marvelous.

Mr. F Yu is so flipping lucky to be on that trip (not so lucky name). As always love the photos of the area you get to enjoy daily you are seriously convincing me that I need to get to Alaska for a holiday. I'm going to show hubby your blog this evening. OH...before I forget thanks for token photo! You know I love my kitties.

I too am working on my knitting...it is tricky but love how easy it is to take places. Hope you keep at it and it gets easier!

My first thought was "Yay, Allyson is back!!" I always look forward to your posts and pictures of your life in Alaska. Poor Mr. Yu. Wonder what our names mean in other foreign languages?
Welcome back to blogland.

I always love seeing your pictures, but that cruise ticket has got to take the cake!

You should have given us a "spit alert" before that last photo! Good thing I wasn't drinking anything.

Lovely photos as usual--so interesting to see the beaver product!

Oh, you are so punny! Thanks for the laughs--even the one you maybe didn't mean to be funny, like the cat photo!!!

It's only 3 weeks since I was in Skagway and I want to go back again. I loved Alaska

The beaver photo caption made me laugh!

My gosh, you do live in a beautiful place!
I never made it past the scarf stage with my knitting. I always thought I at least had a hat in me, but nope.

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