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I love this book too! In fact, yesterday I selected a Schnibble pattern for my two Butterfly Garden charm packs I bought awhile back. I'm making Bennington as it seemed the most suited to those fabrics, but the pattern you chose is one of my favorites in the book, so I'm looking for fabrics for that one as well. Truth be told, I want to make them all!!

Love that fundraising idea. What a hoot!

I LOVE that carwash idea! Would be great for any fire dept. I'd think! And I'm doing that exact same Schnibbles you're doing. Happened into the LQS and they had a perfect red so I got started cutting. Just using my stash.

You are not the last to get a copy...I haven't got one yet either! It is not for sale locally so I may end up waiting until the big Festival next month where I plan to spend some serious fun $$.

I agree with your take on the firemen's duties. Maybe they have a suggestion box?

I adore this book. I'm in the process of making Imagine but the one you're making caught my eye too so I'm pretty sure I'll be making that along the way too. I have a lot of scraps I could use in that quilt.

You will love making that pattern! It is so much fun to do. I ended up making my rail fence rows wider than I was supposed to and it didn't make a bit of difference.

Hot buns is going to be the first up for me! But even if I never make a single quilt from that book, I have had more fun reading that book than any other quilt book I've ever bought!

Would the firemen get better tips if they went shirtless?

What a wonderful idea for a carwash - had to LOL about Thelma's shirtless firefighter comment! Glad you were able to get your hands on the Schnibbles book - isn't it fabulous?

You are not the last person to get that book... I need to! LOVE the carwash idea!

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