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I hope Shakespeare in the Park is also on that list of quilts to do for fall!!

I'm no help with the pattern you are looking for, but I love it, be sure to share if you track it down. I would swap the cat outline for a dog one. You know how I like to make each pattern a "Thelma Original"

I went to the big city to find me some red shoes to wear to sin city, found some adorable red Channel ballet slipper/pumps but couldn't pull the trigger on the $500 price tag. Also found some wonderful Christian Loubouten's, black and red, didn't have it in my size, (thank you Lord!). Came home with no red shoes! I just can't buy shoes online, I need to try them on!! It would be like buying jeans online, who does that!!

It's Midnight Silhouette (spelling?). I think it is a Blackbird Design - and if I recall correctly I ordered it from Colonial Crafts. Its on my someday pile, too!

Yep...definitely a Blackbird Designs quilt! And a great one at that!

Buggy Barn used to have kits for it, I don't know if they still do.

Glad to see that some of your readers know that pattern! It is a good one!

I have that pattern and want to make it someday. someone at one of my retreats reduced the size by 75% and used reproduction fabrics and it was absolutely gorgeous!


I've got it, made it..U want it?
Lemme take pics of the size to make sure U wanna make it.
Gael of Pink-a-Palooza

email me landgtino@sbcglobal.net

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