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I love that Hallowe'en 1904 quilt too. It's my incentive quilt-as soon as I spend 21 consecutive days on the treadmill I get to order a kit. ahem. Still haven't done that!

I love to see the pumpkins start coming out. I live in Texas and September means (usually) the end of temps over 100. I am longing for fall!

Love the quilts! I'm not sure if Blackbird Designs has a website, but here's the latest post from their blog:

I must agree that Fall is a wonderful time of year with changing colors and crisp air. I look forward to the loss of humidity. I know you must be real bummed tourist season is nearly over...looks like quilting will be keeping you busy though. Hugs!!

Here is a link to the Blackbird website
I have seen this quilt made and it is wonderful! I looked at Checker Distributors to see if the patter was still available and it isn't. So, you may need to dig online for it - I'm sure it's available out there somewhere! The Hallowe'en - 1904 is readily available. Good luck with your new adventure!

Longing for fall - it's 97 here - hot and humid.......

Fall in the air? Hahahaha! Not until December - here in Florida. But I love fall colors too. :-)

I am still waiting for the first really good tomato of the season!
The fall quilts are gorgeous. Wish I knew what the pattern was for the first one you showed.

Oh, that is a yummy quilt!

It's been years since I've enjoyed spring and summer as much as I have this year. Not sure why, unless it's due to the really hard winter we just had.

But autumn has always been my favorite season, and I'm ready for the temperature to start dropping a tad.

That is one yummy quilt! The border is nice, but I think I'd liket the quilt better without it.

That Halloween 1904 is one of my favorite patterns....

Can't wait to see your progress and I can't wait for the cooler weather here....


Fall is my favorite time of year too...I can't wait! I'm hoping we'll get to see you this fall? We have the best apple-cider doughnuts at the Red Barn (plus a pumpkin patch)!

Looking at all those pretty quilts makes me wish I were better at sewing and therefore quilting. But, I don't think I need any more hobbies?! I'll just admire all your beautiful work!

Oh...I'm so in need of autumn! We've been having HORRENDOUS heat here in Ohio - like 90's with 85% humidity!!!! I. HATE. IT!!!! Can I come live with you? (just kidding) NOT!

Others have already identified the two Blackbird Designs Halloween quilts you have on your to-do list, and provided you with the links to Blackbird's website and blog. The bad news is that if you go back a couple of posts, that list is soon to be three Blackbird Halloween quilts on your to-do list. They will be teaching a quilt at the Buggy Barn in another week or so that is to die for gorgeous. At least, I think it is. :)

The Midnight Silhouette quilt is even more gorgeous made up than in the pictures, and it is fabulous when reduced in size. I've seen it reduced to about 75% ~ made with 6-inch stars ~ and reduced to 50% ~ made with 4-inch stars. As much as I love the big version, I liked the smaller quilts even better. :)

Now all you need is a really, really good black background.

I love Midnight Silhouette. I have been wanting to do that for a long time. I agree that it's time to shift into Fall. Can't wait to see your progress!

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