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Wow - the fabrics for your Halloween quilt are absolutely amazing!!!

I am SO tempted to get that kit!

Can't wait to see your finished quilt. Loved the pictures of the Inukshuks. Had to use google to find out what they were. Cool!

You made a great purchase - wonderful fabrics. Your pictures of Alaska are always so pretty and unique to your area. The only thing that makes my area unique is that there is a steeple on every corner - ha!

I'm going to enjoy coming back and spying this finished quilt. You are still tempting me with a visit to Alaska with all the gorgeous photos you share. I don't know if you respond to comments or not but a few have been having trouble with my email address and I wonder if you do too. Can you send a tester for me?

Your flowers are beautiful and the scenery shots are just stunning!

I just found your blog and am blown away by your beautiful surroundings and your stunning quilts! Jealous? Um, yeah!!!

I just love the photos - every time you post shots of Alaska it makes me even more desperate to visit! One day my dream will come true.....

The fabrics are terrific--they will really be stunning in the finished project. Thanks for the pics of flowers that look GOOD. Mine are getting awfully bedraggled, even the daylilies are drooping. Maybe I should water more than once a week?

I want to visit your state!

I like the pictures of Alaska. Many years ago I was stationed at Elmendorf AFB. My son in law is now stationed there after tours in Okinawa and Germany. He, my daughter and their three children, now live in Palmer. They were able to have a house built for them while still in Germany. They are loving Alaska.

What a perfect quilt to be working on to welceme the fall season!!

Wow those fabrics are great. I have that pattern and would love to make it someday. Your flowers look great, we are getting too much rain and the flowers are fading fast.

Hey Allyson! My Mom is an obsessed quilter and happened upon your blog. She said, "do you know her?" "OF COURSE!!" So...hello from down South. Missed being in Skagway this summer!

Just came across your blog during the blog hop giveaway for Pat Sloan's rulers. Those halloween fabrics you received are gorgeous. I love all repro fabrics, especially the Civil War ones. Unfortunately, living in B.C. (southern Vancouver Island) my local quilt shop does not carry that type of fabric so must go to the Bellingham or Seattle (poor me lol) quilt shops, of which there are many. Love your photos of the Klondike Hwy.

Hope you are feeling better, Alyson. I was so sorry to hear that you were not able to make the trip with Nicole, Lisa, and Thelma. You had to have been really really really sick. Get better soon.

Allison. I posted pics of my cat quilt on Facebook..Thats the eaisest place foe me, so "friend" me, and U can see the photos. Iam Gael Tino on FB...Hope this finds you feelin better!

We've missed you, Allyson....hope you're doing okay, and are feeling better.

Beautiful pictures! Was reading your older post for august I believe and you wanted to know if blackbird designs had a blog. http://blackbird-designs.blogspot.com
Hope thats it!

I've missed seeing your posts and hope you're feeling ok.

Are you ever coming back? Hope your absence is because you are busy and not because you are still ill. I really miss reading your blog!

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