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Allyson, It's great to see a new post from you! I think I need a pair of red shoes....can you believe as much as I love red, I don't have a single pair of red shoes?

We have a Coach outlet in my little neck of the world, sometime, you could visit me, and we would hit the Coach and local fabric stores, and I could visit you and ride the train.......sounds like a better deal for me!

Thanks for taking the time to share a little bit of Allyson this morning!

How funny -I have to say that great minds think alike - I was just blogging about the things that make me happy too before I stopped by to read your blog. I think it's always healthy to see the good things in life! by the way, your job sounds awesome!!

I own one red pair of shoes. How fun to see so many in your closet.
I wanted to comment about your job. It is so nice to hear that somebody actually loves their job and looks forward to it daily. Your truly blessed when you do what you love.

It was delightful to read about what makes you happy. It brightened my morning. I was especially impressed that your husband knew what you liked too. My sister and I were just talking about Gilbert Blythe the othe day.................

I adore the things on your list and am so envious that you love your job! Lucky lucky you!

I love that Keith listed off all those things! They are all definitely spot on!

Oh Wow--I do think you have the coolest job in the world! I love trains too. Maybe owning a fabric store would be nice too, but much less relaxing. How fun! L,A-

Happiness, I have discovered, is nearly always a rebound from hard work. (David Grayson, American journalkist)

...glad to see this! It made me smile! You are great...oh, my dad and mom said that 2011 is the year for the Alaskan cruise...wahoo! It'll be fun to see your neck of the woods...love you!

Welcome back, Allyson!! I bought a pair of red shoes in 2001...one of the first pair I'd seen anyone wearing. I would get stopped in the mall and told how cool my shoes were.

I really liked how thoughtful your happiness list was.

Loved this post Allyson! It was fun to get to know you a little bit better. I always knew we had a lot in common--love of red shoes, buying fabric, Anne of Green Gables! Also, I never get tired of seeing photos of the gorgeous place where you live.

I loved your list- some of your things would be my favorite things too- fabric both colors and textures,
jewelry - both beads and stones made into wearable pieces,
my job as a kindergarten teacher and I love Audrey wood's Book the very hungry bear and the red ripe strawberry. It was the first book that our son learned to read and remains one of my favorite.
I also collect books- both quilt books and novels as well as art books.
Very nice post.
Warmest regards,

As a girl with big feet (9.5-10), I can't say as I have ever braved red shoes, but I like all yours. Also ditto on books and fabric. I love one of my jobs (!!) the other not so much. Disneyland always brings fond thoughts. And, oh yes, I am a list maker. Glad your hubby knows you so well-==it's important! This was such a fun post.

I love your list! I do think, however, you are just a happy person and you find happiness in just about everything around you!

Thanks for listing you "happy things" on this post. You have quite an impressive fabric collection and you store them well.

May I ask which of the several Film adaptations this picture comes from, my mother always tried to make me watch the PBS marathon special of this show and now thanks to some friends at work I am addicted to these books...I know I know its technically a children's book but would love to find the one PBS has on its special and I seem to remember this scene :)

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