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Yeah! You are back!!!!

I missed you Allyson - glad to see you back blogging.

Back in the saddle again.......

Glad to see your blog up and current again. We were in Orlando during that marathon at Disney (no, not for the marathon but for other business reasons) I remember ice on the puddles and people were really annoyed with how cold it was. Sounds like this leg of the marathon was the other extreme temps wise!! Glad to know you have survived another tourist season and are getting ready for a long winter.....

I love that last picture of you...you look beautiful!

Hi again! Glad to see some quilting was happening amid all that frenzy :)

Welcome back! I have missed hearing about your adventures. Love your kitty and quilt pictures.

Beutiful pic of you! And the Mickey balloons...ahhh! Next year, we'll go to Disneyland while you are here!

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