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I passed through Utah once, wasn't a quilter in those days. Your pictures make me want to hop in my car and not stop until I'm opening the doors of that quilt shop...OK, I would have to stop for Starbucks which would lead to bathroom breaks, but other than that...

I just blogged about that Blackbird 1904 Fall Quilt, it's calling me.....a kit you say, hmmmmm.

Are those stars appliqued?

Oh my gosh, I love all those pics! Eye candy galore. Yes, after you girls showed the red and white snowball challenge quilt, I had to rush out and buy the book!

American Quilting is one of my most favorite shops too. I love all of their quilts and fabrics. Amy and the girls are awesome too. I wish you could visit more often. Thanks for sharing all of the great pictures you took.

Lovely pics! Soooo envious of your visit! I'll pt this one on my list for if I ever make it to Utah!!

I love a shop with lots of samples!! This one looks tops!!

I am still so tempted to call them and order that Halloween kit. Better yet, I would love to visit the shop in person!

Loved the pictures of the displays at American Quilting. I can see why it's a "must stop." So, did you buy anything fun?

I love that quilt in the second picture. I love my snowball quilt and have it in my daughter's old room.

Lots of inspiration in those pictures.

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