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What fun! I like both of your ideas for the center. If you are concerned about too much dark blue, maybe use a fabric with plenty of light blue in it too. It is hard to decide isn't it? I love that you designed your own pattern!

Wow! The fabrics and your design are amazing!!! I like the snails trails block in the center but 9 patches would be cute too....I'm no help!! lol

I enjoyed this "that time of the year again" post. I also like blue and white together. I think you're right: it is crisp and clean looking.

Oooh it's going to be lovely! the crisp blues and whites are gorgeous. I think it would work best with more starts in the middle - but then I'm just a girl with stars in her eyes!

NO, nothing is cuter than teeny tiny 9 patches! I'm loving this so far, and think the center is very creative and a good match for the fabric and the other star blocks!

I'm not really a blue fan, but really like what you've got going on, I think the white is a great idea!

I predict it's a winner, although, I was amazed by what the group did last year, tough competition!

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