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That is awesome, Keith. I can imagine how impressed and thrilled your parents were. I knew men COULD quilt, it's mostly a matter of IF they will quilt. I have asked my husband to make just one quilt just to say he did. He's handy with wood and fixing things; he appreciates the work and forethought that goes into planning and pulling off a quilt. And he's the one that test drives my sewing machines when they're new.

That man's a keeper! And you're just getting the binding on the snowball quilt? Mine is displayed proudly in my daughter's old bedroom. I love it.

Wow! Awesome! The quilt is beautiful. What pattern did he use??

Wow! That's impressive! Both of you. I can't believe all You fit into one weekend and Keith...beautiful quilt!

I know of a handful of guy quilters and applaud them!! Fantastic quilt and I'm sure well treasured coming from son! Love it.

What an impressive quilt. I never let my husband near my machine since he tried to sew a gift bag together with the presser foot raised. I'm working hard on my son though, hope is never lost.

How fun to have a quilting husband! He did a wonderful job on that quilt. Mine likes the machines and he will help design a quilt sometimes, even rotary cut when I ask him too. He also helped me start my blog last month. Wonderful that they are interested in our hobbies! Now, if only I could golf!

Keith's a good quilter, that's cool. You guys should do a quilt as a team maybe for your bed. Stay warm.

Woo Hoo!!! He's doing great!!!

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