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Welcome to the "fake tree" family! Our fake trees saved our marriage. No more fighting on when to go get the tree, picking out the tree, getting it in the house, getting it in the stand, watering it, decorating it, and who's going to clean up that awful mess once it's all over. We're done with those days and never looking back! Costco, I'm like you, who knew?

Thanks for the trip through Martina's Fabrics! I could not pick a favorite from those pictures, but am very intrigued by the green batik with the stockings and are those reindeers appliqued on that 9 patch quilt?

Sounds like my kind of trip...The quilt photos are fabulous....it makes my fingers itch just to look at them!

I always enjoy reading your blog Allyson. You are such a good writer. I totally understand the hunt for the perfect Christmas trees. Bill and I found ours a few years ago but...we wanted colored lights and could only find ones with white lights. Not to be discouraged, we bought it AND some craft paint for glass/plastic and painted the little light bulbs!!! Yep, at least 1,000. Working together it only took us a few hours and makes for a great, "Are you kidding me?" story. Our kids thought we were nuts. Blessings to you and Keith and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Looks like you had a wonderful trip to Juneau. When I saw the picture of the black nine patches with red I said to myself, "That looks like something Allyson would pick out." I like it too!

We made the switch to a fake pre-lit tree and have never looked back. You do have to cover it when you store it though--or it gets dusty!

Not only do we have a fake tree, ours is a black wrought iron "tree." I love it and now my daughter's mother-in-law bought just like it, too. Is the first picture your house, Allyson? It's beautiful and I do look at those trees at Costco. The pictures from the Juneau quilt store are fun to look at. I have a friend in Gustavus who shops in Juneau and goes there. It's fun to see what she sees.

For years we had real trees. However living in Florida (!) the trees would start to shed pretty quickly. So one year we decided to look for a fake tree. We found one that looked exactly like the real trees we had been buying. So now, 18 years later, we have just bought our second tree, not to replace the first one, but we wanted to add a second tree to our new home. Enjoy your tree. We have never regretted our decision.

OMGosh! The quilt store looks fantastic! I love it when they have quilts in every nook and cranny.

I can see you walking through Costco finding the perfect tree!! Woo-Hoo!! You will have the perfect tree every year now!!!

I gave up on real trees long ago and remember looking for that perfect real looking fake tree. I'll have to check out our Costco to see if they have "your" tree. The quilt shop is wonderful! Glad you shared the photos and awesome deals. Now I've got to run to the bake shop to check out the pattern for that quilt in further detail. Thanks!!

We have a fake tree, too! I miss the smell of pine, but totally LOVE not having to string the lights...oh, and I am pretty much IN LOVE with that Christmas quilt...

We haven't switched to a fake tree yet, but I don't know that it won't happen at some point! Glad you found one that was satisfactory after all.

Quilt shops are wonderful and dangerous places...thanks for all the eye candy :) Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Love all of the great quilt pictures! What fun! We also have a fake tree. Living in Florida, picking out a tree in a parking lot just doesn't say Christmas anyway, so we got a fake one a few years ago and we are still happy with it. Miss the smell? Find a nice pine scented Christmas candle!

I'm glad you found the perfect fake tree, I wouldn't want you guys to try to haul another tree home on top of your car with it sliding off several times along the way. It's surprising what you find at Costco, we got a leather recliner there once. I love the quilts in that quilt store, cute! And so awesome that you found Fig Tree fabric for only $3.99 a yard. Happy Thanksgiving.

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