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Beautiful quilt-love the crispness. Also enjoy seeing Skagway in the winter. I fell in love with it in the few hours I spent there

I like how the star points go from dark on the main body of the quilt to light and become part of the border. A good finish.

Beautiful quilt, but bummer about the fabric.

Here's a tip about the blood...learned from my cross stitching days and applied just recently when I bled on a quilt I was basting...your own saliva will remove the blood...pretty much instantly...works like a charm! That said, if it's a really big spot, and the quilt is for a gift, you may want to still replace the fabric LOL.

Wow! I love the quilt!!
What a bummer about the burns. I can go a bit crazy with the iron too.

The first thing I noticed was how the little blue and white 9 patches went right into the border...almost floaty like. That's really cool.

Loved seeing the picture of the snow. I love seeing all the pics of Skagway that you post. Like kefman, we loved the place for the little while we were there a few years ago.

Tiger approves...how sweet! Thanks for heads up about Muslin Mates burning...is it 100% cotton? Oh gosh....how many times have I pricked my fingers...seriously should keep the bandaids near the pins! Hugs Oh...best of luck at the show...will you show this after quilted?

Beautiful! I love 2 color quilts. One day I will make a blue & white quilt. Have you tried using Mary Ellen's Best Press? I find I don't have to "press the tar" out of things when I use a little of that. Thnx for the picture, makes me feel better about our early darkness around here in Seattle.

That is a really gorgeous quilt! You were so right to change the centre - this is so much better. Love it!

Allyson - that quilt is gorgeous! I love the corner stars and how they change color into the border. You're a designer! I'd certainly buy that pattern!

Love your quilt top. It turned out really nice. I will remember about the moda mates fabric and not over iron.

Your blue and white quilt turned out beautifully. Good Job! The Round-about made me laugh out loud.

BEAUTIFUL quilt! You are just too talented!

Beautiful quilt! Somehow, when I put one in a quilt show I am always working on it up until the last minute, no matter when I start! But it is worth it in the end! I was still working on one the night before I had to turn it in and it ended up getting first place in the Challenge contest at our quilt show, much to my surprise!

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