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That looks like a lot of fun and a nice holiday tradition!!
I've never felt an earthquake and hope I never do!!

Glad you're safe....... I put myself on a fabric fast 6 wks ago and some of my hidden treasures in my sewing room are taking on new life as I see them with different eyes. Happy Holidays!

I would love that Santa train ride. I'll have to compare those pics with the ones we took a couple of summers ago.
An earthquake? I hadn't heard. I am not fond of them either. And I've been in many, many of them. Glad you only suffered a moved countertop.

I love to read you blog....it is so interesting to hear about your area of the country! Your pictures are just beautiful....thank you for sharing them.....my sons would love the train...very fun! Congrats on cleaning out your sewing room...I know that is not an easy task...at least it isn't for me!

I am cleaning my sewing room too, and am delighting in what I'm unearthing! But then I feel annoyed (shamed?) with myself that something I "had to have" at the time was buried in neglect. I think I have more projects than I can get done in one lifetime.
We get a quake now and again here in Washington, and yours just goes to prove that it's not how STRONG it is that matters, it's the duration. Almost a minute is a long time. Glad all is well!

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