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You strike terror into my heart, Allyson. I haven't washed my R&W snowball yet, and now I wonder if I ever will - I may just use it until it gets fleas and then demote it to the dog, rather than see it turn red like that. I prewashed my fabric, but only once. Good luck - keep us informed! P.S. Your photos are great - stupendous scenery! And who knew that our Claritin is different than the American Claritin?

Allyson, my heart is breaking right along with yours, your snowball challenge quilt, oh my.....I'm sitting here trying to remember if I prewashed my reds, and I think I did. I better tell my Dad to let me do a Retayne wash before an actual wash....

I'm hoping the Oxi-Clean or the Synthopol does the trick, you could use some good luck! I'll be crossing my fingers for you and your Snowball Challenge quilt!

Ooh! Sorry to hear about your cold and your quilt! Yikes! I use both the shout color catchers and oxyclean but I don't have experience using it on quilts. I wish I could be more help to you. I've seen syntropol at my LQS but I haven't used it either. Let me know how it works to get that out. Don't use it now, but I usually put Retayne in with a new quilt when I wash it to prevent bleeding. I know, now I mention it! But don't use any on this quilt because I would imagine it would just set the dye that you are trying to get out. my heart hurts for you :( I hope you feel better.

Wow, the mountains are stunning! So sorry to hear about your cold. I hope you feel better soon.

How disappointing to have red on your white!!! I hope you continue to get more out...if not, chabby chic is in.

Oh man, oh man...I haven't washed my Red & White Snowball quilt yet, either. My first thought was to ask Thelma; she seems to know so much. But I think I will look up Retayne...good advice, Michele, to not use it now as it might set the "pink" in the whites. Yes, do keep us all posted, please.

Ah, I would love that drive from Skagway to Whitehores...not in -24 though. I sure hope you start to feel better soon. This quilt setback is doing your cold no favors. You should be resting and not fretting.

Wishing you well soon and to have a PINK quilt turn up in the wash couldn't have made you feel any better! Dang it!! I would have thought a good soak in the Oxi would have helped more than just that. Red fabrics and hand dyes are the only ones I worry about bleeding anymore...wonder which one was the major culprit?! Do you have any of it left in your stash? I'm just sayin...you know? Wishing you a Merry Christmas dear friend. I think you may have gotten the no reply blogger taken care of...I was able to get to you through Island Life Quilts

I had a dye problem with another quilt and the only thing that worked was Oxyclean. But what I did was make a double strength mixture of the powdered, disolved it and put it in a spray bottle. I sprayed the problem areas and let it sit for an hour and then washed it with more Oxyclean. It took care of that quilt but it was blue dye so hopefully it will work with the red. I haven't had a problem with my snowball quilt but I washed my reds before I started.

Gorgeous country side you have up there. Sorry about the bleeding quilt. I would order the synthropol and wash it up again. Be sure to toss in a color catcher sheet when you use that product. I have had such good luck with the color sheets and never experienced color bleed such as this. I think it is not uncommon for this to occur if the quilt is a bit crowded in the machine during the wash cycle. I usually do a pre-wash of red fabrics and have tossed fabric that continues to bleed after a second wash. Just not worth the headaches to chance it.

Your mountain pics are just beautiful! Breathtaking....

I understand your sorrow re: the r&w snowball. I made mine in queen size. I lucked out, the first couple times I washed it, I washed it with Synthrapol. I feel it's better to use than Retayne because Synthrapol keeps any excess dye in suspension so that it cannot stain the rest of the quilt.

Unfortunately, I didn't do that with the border fabric in my Christmas quilt I finished last month. Now the white flowers in the beautiful Hoffman fabric have a slight pink tinge. I will be using Synthrapol for sure because the backing is red flannel -- that was prewashed 3x and still bled onto the color catcher.

For a larger bottle of Synthrapol go here: http://www.dharmatrading.com/

btw, a quick easy way to get a quilt all crinkly, through it in a hot dryer with a couple wet towels. It makes it crinkly, but it's also a quick easy way to freshen up a quilt (and remove dog hair).

Oh no! But, we prewashed our fabrics! How could that happen???? My snowball quilt isn't even quilted yet, but you can bet that I will be getting that product you mentioned for when I wash it. What a huge disappointment!

Well...First of all, I love looking at your blog. I grew up in Phoenix, lived many years in Miami and now in Charlotte, NC..so your terrain is wonderful. This bleed thing happened to me before even though I prewashed my fabrics. All three of the above products helped with continuous washing. Finally I just gave up and enjoyed my quilt. One day, after repeated washings with the above, the bleed was all gone. Good luck you you with that.

Love the scenery photos and very sorry about your quilt. After all the time and effort that goes into making a quilt, it's such a disappointment to have something like that happen.
Next time you are in Canada, pick up some Cold-FX and take one as soon as you feel a cold coming on. It always helps me.

Oh man, I hate when that happens. Sounds like you got a good amount of the red out. Sorry to hear about your cold too.

Sorry about your cold and your red bleeding fabrics. My first quilt did the same thing (only blue and it never did totally wash out). Since then, I make sure that any fabric purchased gets washed with color catcher sheets before it ever makes it to my sewing room. If the color catcher is really "full", I'll keep washing the fabric until the sheet is nearly white again just to be sure. Hope your pink eventually returns to white.

Yikes... sorry, to hear about your cold and the your red quilt. That has to be heart breaking. Please, let us know the final out come of your quilt. Good luck! I enjoy your blog and the projects you share.

GASP! I had a red, white, and blue embroidered quilt in my trousseau (I'm dating myself here). Long story short, our cat gave birth on it and when I washed it - YOU GUESSED IT - it becamed red, pink, and blue from then on. I sure hope your pink can be removed......

I don't always pre-wash fabric but found that if I throw color catchers in the wash with a quilt it normally soaks up all the red bleed from red quilts. Sorry to hear you still have red in the white areas. Sometimes I have found that if you pre-wash your red fabric with hot water and let it soak awhile and throw in the color catchers it takes a lot of it out, then if you wash your quilt later with cold water the dye has been set. I know though that this doesn't always work - red dye is just one of those things that you can't always get rid of.

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