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I think I could live with the "snowball effect" after a dozen washings. It will always hurt when you look at it but, at least you "saved it!". Just think if you had given to someonne, yikes! As for your
pretty swirls, you lucky girl!!! Enjoy them.

I'm glad your snowball quilt is recovering :) too. It looks nice to me. I hope you are happy with how it looks. How fun that you got a comment from Jennifer Sampou! Comments are amazing! Feel better soon!

I think the quilt looks great and those few pink squares add interest. Glad you were able to get it to a point where you could live with it. I would have been heartbroken too after the first washing.

But how cool to get a comment from the fabric designer herself!

I still think your quilt is beautiful!! Maybe more if that's possible with it's new vintage look. I love it! I think you are right about the red flannel being the culprit. I had a very similar situation and Oxy Clean was my savior!

How frustrating about the red. Well, you tried your best now I hope you can still enjoy it.

What a fun comment from Jennifer!!

I had the same thing happen with a red quilt, it' faded and soft. Your right the reds take the worst of it and looks very worn and almost like an antique. It's always been my favourite quilt.

I'm glad the snowball quilt was not a total "loss." And I'm taking to heart the idea that you used red flannel for the back. Won't be doing that.

I love swirly, scrolly fabric. Those are beautiful and what a compliment to you that Jennifer herself commented.

It appears we are in the same boat. Only with different quilts. And yes, I'm with you, the culprit was most likely the flannel. Yesterday, I decided to wash my new Christmas quilt and paused for several minutes, debating whether or not I should -- the backing is red flannel that had been prewashed 3 times. I bit the bullet and threw it in the washer -- I now have the same problem as you -- it's now in it's first Oxyclean wash. And, the kicker is that when I washed it, I used Synthrapol because it's not failed me in the past.

How funny about the Scrolls fabric - always one of my favorites! I made a Yellow Brick road with 20 fat quarters of the Scrolls and it is a beautiful quilt!
Love how the Snowball quilt ended up - maybe a happy accident?!? Wonderful - any way you look at it!

Merry Christmas and Blessings in the New Year!

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