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Boy have you summed it up nicely...and I even got a giggle or two out of the post!

Also...have to say at least your DH tried on the stocking. LOL I told mine to give up and I'd handle it...this way I get new rotary blades, makeup etc.

What a pretty stack of projects to choose from! Good luck and have fun!

Allyson, I thought the same thing...I've got to concentrate on old projects and not start new ones. Except I get to make 2 grandbaby quilts this year. Whole different story there!!

The stocking stuffers are cute.

I'll be looking forward to watching you work your way down your list!

I am with you with whittling down the UFO list.

I have already started a couple of new (small) projects, but I am determined to shorten the UFO list before I begin the new large quilt I plan to make this year.

Good luck with your list. I am sure you will rediscover some diamonds in your cupboard. :)

I've been trying to whittle down my UFOs for about two years now. I think I managed to complete 13 of them which I think is pretty good progress. Good luck to you. Loved the Mickey Mouse pancake turner and I've got a V Chocolates visit in my future.

Love the Mickey spatula! That was a unique gift! I have some Mickey dish towels that I love :) I'm glad you are back to blogging...I missed your posts, although I know what you mean about not wanting to feel like it's a job. Good luck on your UFO list....I'm not very good at finishing mine. I hope you can get some of them done :)

62 huh? I thought my list was long, but I think it only goes to the 40s.

Good luck to us all! lol

Perfect timing girl! Go over to "Blackberry Creek Home Arts" and join all of us in the year long UFO challenge!
Susan has a really long list of UFOs so we are all in good quilty company...
Gael of Pink-a-Paloozza

One thought to tackle those "mortal enemy" UFO is to pass them on. My quilt uses a UFO raffle as a fund raiser at our quild meetings. Members donate their mortal-enemy/what was I thinking UFOs, and we sell raffle tickets for $1 and have a drawing for one UFO at every meeting. Last year we made $600, which went into our general fund for programs. Just saying...

My DH suddenly decided that he wants a stocking next year--now I know what to start with!

I joined a New Year's challenge for finishing some of my UFOs because a deadline is sometimes the only thing that really gets me going! It is only one finish a month which means I have time to do other QADD things or bossy projects. I don't have 62 UFOs but somewhere between 20-30 probably (a list needs to be made!!!) Your declaration is a good place to start and I hope your mosey through your UFOs results in some luscious surprises and beautiful finishes.

Do i really have the sense of mourning the loss of my youth and confusing about my future?

I told you V Chocolates salted caramels are the absolute best! I'm drooling just thinking about them. Yum!!!

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