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I always enjoy your round robin posts, what you make, watching the other quilts as they progress, I'm thrilled it's round robin time. I think you're off to a great start.

Binding....I don't do it either, I pay to have it done, and if it came down to it, I would eat less food before I quit paying someone to bind my quilts! You've not convinced me!!

Love the round robin block!! I'm not a huge fan of binding either. I try to just relax and do it! :-)

I love your center block!! It is a great jumping off point for a RR.
I machine sewed 3 bindings on yesterday, now they await the hand work. One has been in my closet for two months quilted and ready to go.

I love that center block for the Round Robin. I will be anxious to see the progress.

Binding...I like it. But then, I have always like hand sewing since I was a very young girl. If I lived there, we'd def trade jobs. :)

I LOVE BINDING WORK and if you would have asked I would have done that for you. I find it the best part of the whole process...and sometimes taking that last stitch there is a sadness of "the end." (Send binding with your tops)
The center of your round robin star block really sets that block off! Well done!!

I love the center for your round robin quilt.....I love batiks but for some reason I rarely use them.....that should have been a resolution for me - use more batiks :) I love putting on binding :) It might be my favorite part of quilting......cutting is my least favorite....yuck!

The round robin is going to be another fun project. Bindings? Eh. I can take them or leave them. I must say I tend to procrastinate doing them and have a stack of projects that are finished all except for that one thing.

LOL Allyson at your binding story! I LOVE sewing down binding and have been known to drag it out if I'm down to the last quilt with binding attached for hand sewing. I usually have several ready at one time since I tend to quilt and then bind in batches. I don't have any quilts to bind right now and I sure wish I did! LOL

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