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WOW...loved humor and wit too! I enjoyed getting to know you better.

I love it!! It was great to get to know you better too!!

Fruitcake! Me too!

I thought I knew you...but really? Fruitcake?? I always knew you were a girly-girl! ;-) Thanks for sharing!

How fun, all this information and humor. I feel like now I know someone in Alaska. And of course, it stirred a little self-reflection.

Hey Allyson, Nice to know a bit about you. It was a beautiful drive back to Carcross yesterday. Thanks for the chocolate cake - it helped keep us awake - and so delicious. And they didn't charge us 14% duty at the border - Yay!

Loved your list! We share several traits. And just so you know, all the men in my family love fruitcake, and I am the official cakemaker. Yup. Tho, I sometimes wonder if it's the fruitcake they love....or all the rum I pour on it? Hmmmm...

LOL!! I really enjoyed your list!! :-)

Well, I love this little list and will have to do one myself--soon.

It was a fun read!

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