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Allyson, how do you come up with these borders! Your colors and design could not be more perfect, Wonderful Job! I pity the person who follows your borders.....

love the purple colors!

It is beautiful.....I love purple :) what a creative border design!

Absolutely love what you did with this round! Whoever follows this has their work cut out for them! You are a pro!!

I love what you added! It's perfect!

You did a great job. It looks wonderful and following that centrepiece was never going to be easy!

Wow! My eyes about popped out of my head! You did a fantastic job on that round! It will be a hard one to follow.

The other commenters are right---your round is perfect! The colors, the fabric selection, the block pattern--all beautiful. And how you managed to square things up is amazing!

You did a beautiful job. Love the color/pattern selections you chose. Purple scares me tho! My niece came to me with an armful of purple fabric and a pattern that she liked, and silly me...I didn't question where the fabric came from (i.e., it's quality). Long story short..the purple bled all over the white. Fortunately, it merely turned the white a pale, pale lavender...no spots...and she was still happy with her quilt.

What a beautiful quilt ... luv your colors!!

The borders really took it to another level!! Genius! It's just gorgeous!! You'll be a hard one to follow! :-)

You did an awesome job with that border following the center. I would have been at a complete loss. Will we ever get to see the finished result?

It looks beautiful. What a great job. I hope the owner likes it as well as all of us.

Wow is right--what a stunning addition. Great counterpoint to the applique. Hope the next person does your work justice!

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