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Congrats on the finished UFO!! It probably didn't even take very long!! Woo-Hoo!

Good job, Allyson, on finishing the Valentine's runner. It sure looks nice.

Funny about Butters...what goes on in their little brains, I wonder.

Love the table runner! Great finish just in time to enjoy it this year. Butter is hilarious! Too cute!

Your runner is adorable and better yet finished in time to use this year! Kitties are so comical.

Love your runner! It will be so fun to use this year. :-) Silly kitty~ they are so fun to watch. LOL Have a happy day!

So funny about Butters! Once in a while something will catch our cats' attention on TV. Mostly, loud noises get them!

That is a cute runner! Do you remember the name of the pattern? It is so simple and sweet.

Congratulations! It's such a cute runner. And you finished it before Valentine's Day!

Sometimes making a list can be very motivating. Nothing like checking something off an official (ufo) LIST! Nice finish on the runner. I just bought some bright pink fabric to make a heart runner myself today. Since it isn't a color I normally decorate with, it is fun to do something different.

Funny kitty. :)

I am afraid to count the number of UFOs I have. But I do have every intentions to tackling some of them this year!

The Valentine's runner is really sweet!

Quiltingly Yours

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