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Funny, in 1999 I took a class with Alex Anderson using that same book. I was just starting to quilt and loved all things stary.I just used the blocks I made in that class as a test block for a machine quilting class.
I love how you plan on using your blocks!

It's been interesting to learn about your quilting journey. It gives me some ideas for posts on my blog. I photocopied my share of copyrighted material, as well.

Perhaps we can make something like the Americana colored weird star one for my house this fall...I will start thinking about what...? What do you think?

I don't want to admit just how many of those same fabrics are in my collection! Your last picture could have been taken from my stash!

Delightful post. I think we've all matured through our quilting journey and look back of some of our early purchases in wonder. My first quilt was red, white, and blue (and my star block turned into a fish block?) and is yet to be quilted...

I enjoyed hearing about your quilting journey. Interesting how you like the same quilt that drew you in years ago. I have had the same experience. You like what you like, I guess. Although my quilting style has changed, I still love some of the same quilts that brought me to quilting.

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