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I can see that lime green poking out of the stack...I agree..it has to go! LOL
You said fly pizza in....is it still hot and fresh? I'm intrigued so tell me more!

Are you doing the madeline schnibble in Rouenneries? (or however you spell it). I've got that sitting on my cutting table.

And, I agree. The neon green must go.

I love the cherish nature fabric...it's so pretty! I've got a jelly roll of that at home and I NEED to do something with it.

I love pizza, but to have it flown in? Too cool!! I have bags for Goodwill sitting in my hallway right now and I feel so much better! The bags for the trash are gone. Organized, for awhile anyway, is a good feeling......when its over! LOL!!

Love the Schnibbles in the middle. I regret not getting involved when that one came out.

Spring cleaning? I think its a little early for that;)

I think your idea to remove the offending lime green with pinks and red is a good idea! In another quilt, it might work better.

Oh my gosh, you crack me up. I haven't posted in a long while but I lurk here all the time kiddo, LOL. I loved your entire post, laughed the whole time I read it and just had to comment before I head for bed (even though it is 1 1/2 hours past my bedtime)...yes, really, LOL, poor health does that to you when combined with getting up at 4:30 every morning even though both hubby and I are retired *sigh*...go figure. But I digress. I just had to tell you that we used to have dog that would get upset every time the suitcases came out. Each time we stepped out of the room, she would climb into the suitcase and lay down, didn't matter if it was empty or full. Not sure what her thinking behind that strategy was but I'm sure she thought it was a good plan. Your Tigger reminded me of that, but what really made me laugh out loud was that you said you give him the "stink eye" and he goes to sleep with his nose in your slippers??? Wayyyyy funny. Thanks for a wonderful chuckle before bed. Hugs...

My cats love boxes, too! In fact, the big guy has taken over the box my GO! came in. It is a pretty good size for him!

Sounds exciting to me! I get all giddy when everything is cleaned out and organized. I'm in heaven since we got a ton of stuff cleaned out before having Avery...I totally get it!!! :)

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