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Well I certainly see what you mean about the green - woooah who put that fabric combo together! I'm so glad you took it out!!!! Your other two Schnibblesare gorgeous - I adore Madeline!

Yum! Cupcakes!! Yes, that green was shocking with the other fabrics! I love the runner now though and the Schnibbles.....I'm a Schnibbles fan :) I agree that sale fabric looks much better in the store........maybe it's the lighting?? LOL!

You are so busy! The cupcakes look like store bought- so pretty and perfect!!

I love your runner without the green.:)

Oh man oh man, I want those cupcakes! You know I LOVE green, but that one was weird...

I normally love lime green, but you were right to take it out of this collection. Your quilt looks great!

And oh, those cupcakes with buttercream frosting...oh my. I volunteer to do quality control for you anytime!!!

I'm not much of a charm pack kind of girl, myself, so I hear you on the fabrics. I prefer to put my own combos together.

Love the cupcakes, though!

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