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I like the pattern you chose. I think it will showcase those large prints well. I say wait until the top is together before making the decision on the applique flowers. I like them on the sample quilt - but they might not work on the fabrics you are using.

I love it - I have a bundle of 12fq with the same prints and have been wondering what to make with them - I would go with the flowers on it - but then I love applique.

Your quilt is beautiful and i just luv how it turned out!!! Heather's patterns are just the best!

I think that pattern is great for the fabric! I would skip the flowers. I don't like when appliqué covers nice piecing. But thats just me.

Pattern will be fabulous with those fabrics. I say "yes" to the applique. It's fun, bold and very pretty!!

I say "nay." I find that big flowers like that seem to detract from an overall look of the quilt in and of itself. But, Sissa is right, wait until all is done and play around with the look of applique. I forgot about Heather's books for large print fabrics. Gotta remember that.
Congratulations to the new mommy.

Nay on the flowers.

Like the others, I'd wait until it's all pieced to decide on the applique, but I find the applique on the original to be really cute. I think it elevates the top from being just another bunch of large squares sewn in rows.

Oh this is great - I have a bundle of fandango and I've been humming and hawing for ages trying to decide what to do with it! You've helped a lot!
I think it would be kind of a shame to do applique flowers because with all these big strong prints I think they would fade into the background - which is a shame with all the work involved. Can't wait to see how this turns out!!

Nope, no flowers.

I made that quilt last year and it's one of my favorites. It's in my family room and I sit under it every evening watching tv.

Great choice of pattern for that fabric line. I'm not so sure about flowers and the fun thing is that can be decided after you see the top together right?

You chose a terrific pattern to showcase the wonderful fabrci. I like it with the applique. It gives it a bit more whimsy.

Go with flowers. This will be great.

I like the flowers, but I don't do a lot of applique so I could see why you may not want them. I posted a picture of a Schnibble I did with some Fandango fabric a few weeks ago. The pieces were small, but it worked! I can't wait to see your quilt! I loved working with Fandango :)

I just got this book for Christmas--it was so great that Heather designed especially for large scale prints! I like the flowers and definitely think the rickrack makes it baby/kid friendly.

I loved the added look of the flowers! I was checking out what the pattern was you were using as soon as I saw it.

I'd say no to the flowers. I totally agree with Patty and as your friend chose those patterns so carefully, they deserve to be on the main scene!

Whoops! Totally agree with Helen in Switzerland. Sorry about that!

I CAN'T WAIT!!! Thanks again, SOOOOO much for making this for us! I absolutely love it.

And as for reminiscing...it always makes me happy! We had so much fun!!!

How fun to have such good friends to share your hisotry with.
That quilt will be so fun to make out of Fandango... I vote yes on the flowers:) I have that book, but haven't made anything yet... you might just be inspiring me!

What a perfect quilt for that fabric...love it...I like the flowers. I think waiting until you have it pieced is a really good idea. Either way I don't think you can go wrong.

IMHO - newborn baby quilt = no applique. Unless you want this to be a wall hanging - then yes, for sure! But if this is going to be a use-every-day quilt, then I have to say no. Again, just MHO :o)

I say YES to flowers! They are darling for a little girl! You could always start with one set, and then decide if you want to add the second. Also, if you think it is too busy (which I don't think it would be) you could put the flowers on the backing.

Me?? I'd embroider the baby's initials in the middle of the flower. :-)

Love the pattern you chose, and am anxious to see it come together.

Definitely "Yay" for the flowers.

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