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That is so pretty...I love the colors, very rich and deep looking. The checkerboard looks great. I really want to see this when it is completely finished.

You always do such a nice job.

Yep, you should have had a border. Oh well it is beautiful anyway. BTW, I am pinning strips at work so after Gym today I can start sewing!

Great addition to the round robin! I have trouble with distractions around here too. Just a few can really slow you down!

I like your checkerboard! It really lifts this quilt top which was a little too heavy for my taste before! A brown border would have worked well, but on the other hand as more people will be adding to it it could get very bitty and maybe simple was the right way to go! Can't wait to see what happens next - you will show us a photo when it's done, won't you?

I think I am going to have to do something to replicate that center star...maybe a consultation with Trish is in order.

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