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That's a great idea to do it that way Allyson. Are you going to do the appliqué flowers? Love the boots.

I think I would find laces in many colors for your boots and change them each time you wear them! Maybe even rainbow laces!

Oh I recognize that fabric Allyson! I'm working with the very same line at the moment. It's so much nicer when you've got it sewn together than it looks in the jelly roll. Mine has really grown on me! I love the pattern you're doing - and you're right about the sewing technigue.
On the laces - they're great! Black would be so dull in comparison. Go for it crazy feet!!!

You should write to Heather Peterson and ask her why she didn't make that instruction that you're going to do? It sure does seem easier to me, too.

I LOVE those boots...you could change the laces to suit your shirt or jacket each day. BUT...I know me, I wouldn't go to that much trouble, prolly not even each week.

I like your idea for assembling the quilt. It looks fantastic! So springy too!!

Love the boots and i vote for the pink shoelaces.:)

I like the way your doing that quilt. I had marked that quilt to do later, but will use your method. I agree with others who say black laces are too boring.

I'd keep using the pink...a touch of the unexpected for your patrons

Great quilt! What color will your appliqued flowers be? Love the boots too.

How you are putting it together made NO sense to me, but I am sure if you are doing, it is better! I like the purple - it does help bring out the purples...pretty! I love the boots, especially with the laces - and you could change them for the holiday (ie. green for March, blue and white stripe for July, etc.)

The laces should match this years WP colors, you could wear them to the gym tonight! I love the fabric in this quilt...

Cute boots! I love the laces too! Your quilt is looking great.....love that Fandango! Your construction method makes sense to me. For a while I was always posting on Sundays for the same reason, too much other stuff to do during the week! Sounds like you have such a fun job :-)

Great boots. It makes me jealous that you will actually have excuses to wear them. I bought snow boots when I moved here 11 yrs. ago and have only worn them twice. The only time I walk in snow is to church and it is only two blocks away. My husband always dutifully makes sure the sidewalk is clear in our yard as well as the neighbors inbetween. Yeah, he's a keeper.

Love the boots and I'd keep the pink laces! Living in ND I had plenty of occasion to wear boots, but alas, no boot weather for me here in sunny Phoenix.

Sounds like you have a good plan! Love how it looks already!

I love the quilt you are working on... it's going to be so sweet when you finsh! But now let's talk about the boots! I LOVE them! The best winter boots I have ever seen! (I live in the mountains... it's not Alaska by any means... but those are the coolest/even the laces:)

Great quilt...love the way you're doing it...lots easier! Cute boots...the laces are so much FUN!

the quilt is looking great, but those boots really caught my eye! Love those boots! You are stylin' now. :-D

Love the quilt (and the boots, too! LOL).

Oh, Allyson...I LOVE the quilt!!! You are amazing. I love that you used the plum color for the grid.

And the boots...LOVE THEM! I especially love the hot pink laces, perfect. :)

I'm in love with your blocks and the finished quilt is so pretty. I love seeing the pink flowers and the pastel blocks. You absolutely did an amazing job. Keep up the good work! :)

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