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The Round Robin is gorgeous - and I do like what you added!
If Tigger is anything like my cat, getting rid of those pesky teeth will give him a new lease of life!
Have a great last week before the season starts!

Oh my goodness, what a trial of a day. And poor kitty, I do hope this dental work will add to the quality of Tigger's life.
I am always intrigued by Round Robin quilts...I barely can figure out what to do with a normal quilt for myself let alone add to someone else's. I'd be afraid of choosing the wrong thing and ruining it. I love this one.

Hooray! You posted! Is posted a word? Whatever...

Wow, back to work already, where did the time go? Another great job on your round robin, I'm as eager as you to see your finished project.

What's a trip to Whitehorse without some truck, cat and power issues. I wonder what became of all the groceries you had in your cart, those were your groceries, do you think they put them back on the shelf? What an odd job, grocery shopping in reverse.

I hope Tigger has fully recovered.

I love the dark stars.
I imagine a quilt, only with these stars...this would also great.. :))

Glad to hear Tigger is doing well! One of my kitties had to have some teeth pulled too... not sure why some kits are prone to bad teeth


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