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I think you're actually being very wise - and I wish I was brave enough to do the same! (Some silly part of me still believes I can use up all those horrible fabrics, but I guess one day I'll get real!). I'm quite sure you will feel a great weight lifted off you when they are all gone and you have space and light and time to really get creative. I can't wait to see what you're going to create!! Well done!!

what you are doing is really very smart! By selling all the stash on ebay you are receiving money to buy the fabric that you will use and get rid of things taking up space for eternity. I have things on my shelves like that too. I keep thinking I will use up those boxes of scraps and really I do wonder if I ever will. I have a small stash but there is so much there really that I could make I haven't a clue how many quilts! But will I? I keep buying new lines that I like more.

You will be glad you purged. I plan to do the same thing in the next few weeks as I plan for my move. It is such a freeing feeling to lighten up!

Last fall I had the exact conversation with myself. I was re-doing my sewing room and I had to get rid of a lot of stuff to be able to use the new closet my husband had built for me for storage. I gave away tons of fabric that I had no use for or hated. Then I had itty bitty scraps that realistically I knew I would never use so in the trash they went. It was liberating. You'll love it.

What is it about that "toulousse" pattern? I don't even own it and I still have fabric stashed away to make it. Your post today was very cathardic, almost like I was making the same decisions and doing the same cleansing. I feel better now, thanks.

If financial considerations will allow, you might donate some of your gently unused stash to a local charity quilting group :D I quilt for such a group and we get the most interesting assortment of fabrics donated to us. One time we got several 5 yard lengths of some really nice Hoffman fabrics, and another time many yards of really odd stuff that looked like someone on LSD had designed it.

Congratulations! I have the same problem with my stash--fabric I will never use and don't like. I never thought of selling it. You are a genius!

Good for you!!! I definitely need to work toward doing the same. When I began quilting I felt an overwhelming urge to collect STASH!!! But now, I am feeling simply overwhelmed! I have been steadily working at not buying new fabric just because it is on sale etc. I have to love it, pure & simple, or it doesn't go home with me. And I'm mixing it up - one new project and then a UFO. If I'm not able to work on new things, then I get very bored and dissatisfied - and that is NOT what I want my hobby to be about! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving me the encouragement I need to do the same!

I do not have your same problems, but I feel relieved knowing you are purging and freeing yourself from the unwanteds!!
Are you prepared to say no to more orphans in the quilt shop?

You go girl! I should take a page out of your book and do the same with my stash. I did take one tiny baby step last week and threw out all of the fabric and batting scraps that were being saved for stuffing pet beds for the Humane Society. It was quite liberating!

I think my stash is big but then I see what others have and mine is quite small. Nonetheless, I should love all my stash, too. And I should finish my UFOs...I actually like all my UFOs so they'll probably get finished someday. Though when I go through fabric, if my heart doesn't just HAVE to keep it, it goes in a pile for a friend who makes charity quilts. It's interesting to see what of my fabrics end up in the baby quilts my grandkids get.
Good for you to be so realistic about your stash and patterns and books.

I did the same thing in the past 2yrs. After quilting for 10yrs. my tastes have changed.
I only kept what I truly loved, and donated/gave away the rest.
It does feel odd, but is liberating.
You will be ao happy setting up the sewing space in your new house, free of unwanted items!

I'm fairly new at quilting but I already have fabric that I bought for a good deal or liked at the time of purchase. it's like some women with shoes...an addiction... Anyway, If i no longer really care about a fabric I have been trying new patterns or techniques. That way I can get new fabric without the guilt :)

**Cough** Ahem, you went through your stash and did not tell a certain person? **Cough**
I see how it is, I am being alienated because I work the midnight shift. I thought we meant more to each other...no, no, I understand.

Would you be willing to post an ebay link so we can check out what you have for sale?

Yes, please post an ebay link. We've all missed out on so much already. :)

That is awesome - good for you! I hope you only move the things you love! And I can't wait to see what you by with the funds you've earned from de-stashing ;)

Bravo!! I cleaned out my quilting room this spring, too, and like you, decided to keep only what I LOVED. No more guilt. I gave the bigger pieces to a group that does charity quilts, and tossed the small stuff and UFO's I didn't like WITH NO GUILT WHATSOEVER. How freeing it is to be able to look at my stash and projects and see only what I love, and am eager to finish. I applaud you...it is a life-changing exprience, because it can carry over into other aspects of your life.

I met a missionary from Guatamala via the allpeoplequilt.com blog a couple years ago and my guild donated a lot of fabric to her. She could probably use more fabric by now. She and a lot of other ladies make baby quilts for the people at a Guatamalan church. If you want to donate to that cause, let me know.

Do you have any Minick and Simpson fabric left? Would be interested in buying.

Sarah at http://confessionsofafabricaddict.blogspot.com/ would probably love to have your donated stash. She and a group of sewing ladies make quilts for their church quilt ministry.

I am sure there a lot of organizations that would love an opportunity to get at some of that hidden treasure of yours. I enjoyed you Blog some beautiful stuff here.

Hi! I love your blog. How do I see what you have listed in eBay? Could be the very fabric I am looking for. :)
Take care of yourself, moving is exhausting-- physically and mentally. I remember it well !

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