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Nice pictures!

I loved Skagway when my husband and I were one of those getting on and off of a ship about 8 years or so now. We took the train ride and loved the beautiful country.

The Disney ships are FABULOUS & the best ships we've ever been on. Everything is over the top on the Disney cruise & all the other passengers on the other ships in port with you gather as the Disney ship heads out JUST to hear the horn. It is AWESOME!!

That looks like fun! Not the packing....seeing the Disney ship!

Well, Alaska is on the other side of the world - just kidding. I've missed your're cheerful slant on quilting. Enjoy your new house and the summer season. Quilting is, after all, a winter sport.

Thanks for sharing your photos - how fun to have Disney there - I'm a transplanted Alaskan so I miss the going on's up there.

A new house?!!!! Details!!! :-) How fun and exciting!!!!

I know how much your love your job during tourist season and I always look forward to hearing about it as well.

Welcome back!!! You were, indeed, missed. I've checked your blog every single day (except weekends. No one blogs then.) My heart rate actually went up when you started talking about the Disney ship and pulling into Skagway. Ah, to be there again. The train excursion was our absolute favorite.

Congratulations on your big purchase! Can't wait to hear more about it. Good luck with the move (I hate moving!!!). :)

We enjoy going on Disney Cruise line and are considering the Alaska cruise. Thanks for sharing your photos of the Wonder. :-)

Also good luck with your move :-)

Just use your fabric to cushion glass or breakables and no one will know just how much fabric you have! lol

Nice photos of the Disney ship--I didn't know they came up there, either! We'll be up there in August, sailing the Norwegian Pearl. Wonder if we'll hear the Disney horn....

YAY! Disney to Alaska...now we have NO excuse, well, except the lack of funds! ;-) I am SO jealous that their horn plays a song...aahh, Disney...beautiful pics...hang in there - before you know it, the season will be done, you'll be all moved in and will wonder where the time went! Miss you!

Packing fabric, oh my! Yes it is heavy but you have to have all of it!

What fun that Disney is now going to Alaska. This looks like a great big ship and I love the Mickeys. Good luck with your move and the tourist season--should be very busy now that lots of folks are avoiding Mexico.

My sister told me this weekend that she and her husband are taking their kids and grandkids on the Disney cruise to Alaska this summer. I wish she'd take me.

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