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I'm very impressed with the round robin quilts! I have never participated in one of those. They are beautiful and I hope to see the other ones as well!

Those round robin quilts are amazing! Looking forward to see the others. What fun to unpack and rearrange your fabric! Don't forget to show us a pic of your newly painted space.

Your round robin quilt is absolutely gorgeous!! Lucky you!!!

I love your round robin quilt--LOVE IT! I'm so glad you've decided to set up your sewing space. What a great retreat as you tackle your other projects this winter. We miss you and Keith.

What fun to unpack and refold your fabric. I do that now and again to clean up the chaos I've created when I am on a search for the right fabrics for a project. Love the picture of the round robins too...I am looking forward to seeing mine again.

I made three "turning 20" quilts last week...what fun. And we have a new longarm quilter in town who does wonderful work...so she has them now.

hugs from Sitka...Jane

Your Round Robin quilt is fabulous!

Very pretty, they did a fantastic job. Have you finished up Fandango yet? I have decided to finish up as many tops as possible and just take them all up with me and see how many millions it will cost me to have someone finish them for me!

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