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I love your Fandango quilt! It makes me want to dig out my Fandango quilt - which has been languishing in a box for months!

Great job on the Fandango quilt, that dark lattice is the perfect touch, and I agree with the group, that quilt does't need those big applique flowers. Great use of your scraps! Sounds and looks like it was a perfect day for all involved!!

Your fandango quilts look great! I love Heather Peterson's patterns - they always look so beautiful. Good for you for putting your fat quarter tower to hard work!

Looks like a really productive weekend! Your Fandango quilt looks great, and I agree with you to skip the flowers. Looks good as it is!

I think I like the baby quilt better than the Fandango quilt top. Thanks for sharing the projects that everyone else is working on, it's a very talented group.

What a neat weekend! All such pretty projects.

Allyson...I forgive you for saying you don't like the fabric (I didn't close my eyes!) even though I slaved over my choice like it was life or death! ;-) I forgive you because they turned out so beautiful!!! I LOVE THEM!!! You are amazing and I can't express enough how much I appreciate you doing that. Miss you.

Oh Allyson....I think your Fandango is wonderful...they all are! Just love to see the show and share here!!! Hope all is well with you!!

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