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If you got stranded, at least there was an awesome quilt shop to visit. I love the batik quilt - lucky you!

Wow, that batik quilt is gorgeous!
Being stranded in Whitehorse sounds pretty fun, actually. I am continually amazed by how everyday life can be an adventure in Alaska. The sun sets at three, you get stuck in a foreign country while buying catfood, pumpkins freeze to your outdoor chairs, etc. Most stereotypes about various states are 80% baloney, but the stereotype about Alaska being a wild frontier seems to hold largely true. A wild frontier with quilt shops and movie theaters. Sigh - I'm jealous. Someday, by golly, I'm going to visit Alaska.

Great that you were able to turn your trip into a great and fun adventure.

Stop moving Allyson, I can see your light show! HAH! That day turned out to be so much fun, and that shop was amazing!

Gorgeous quilt! Brrrrr......I suppose I would have to invest in some very toasty clothing to be out in that kind of weather. How fun you were with a friend and it ended up being a good adventure.

So nice to know that you love the quilt! And thanks for posting the picture. Love and hugs from Sitka...jane

I think your photo turned out great with the chair, pumpkin and quilt! LOVE the quilt - lucky you! Just love the photos of your snowy landscape, beautiful! I miss snow. I hope you get snowbound soon! :)

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