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How awesome to have so many finishes and to still like them. So many times we tuck something away to only pull it out later and realize we aren't in love anymore. The quilting will really make them POP...and you'll swoon again! Well done!!!

Wow! Congratulations on getting so much done! They are all beautiful too! Can't go wrong with Mickey :-)

How great to have finished so many tops! It does feel good to get some of the UFOs finished and put to use. I hope to do the same in the new year. I do love the blue quilt - can't see the silver sparkles in the photo :)

Congratulations on all the work you have done on your UFOs. Well done on your finishes!
I love that blue quilt.

Hope you having a great holiday.

Your list is so organized!

Wow, those are lovely. Congrats on making so much progress on your list.
I heard about all the snowfall in Alaska. Is that affecting you, or are you still South after the holidays?

Hi Allyson, I found you on somebody else's blog list, and stopped for a look. Being a cat person, couldn't resist the name of Fat Cat Quilts, especially as we have a very FAT black cat here in Melbourne Australia!
The other reason I kept on reading was your stunning scenic photos. I spent a week in Alaska (Juneau) in 1973 when my first husband and I spent three months touring the USA. We came up there on the Alaska Marine Highway (does it still exist?)from Seattle, and I went through about 8 rolls of film just on the coastline before we got to Juneau! Some great memories of a fabulous place...I've just spent about 20 minutes looking at your blog. I'll be back!

I too, just found you because of the cat name. I have 7 of the helpful little darlings! I love your quilts and you have inspired to get tough with myself and make an honest UFO list and start working on it!!

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