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I Pinterest too. I do it way more than blogging these days. I've hooked my DIL too. So many fantastic projects-so little time.

What great ideas you've had. I love the pom poms in the window! And the Valentine's Day fish are such a great idea for kids to take to school! Your table runner is lovely - you're right..that table runner pattern is a good one...so versatile for any season or theme. Thanks for sharing these great ideas.

What fun.....love the Valentine cards. Here's something to plan for your drive home: http://www.quiltersanonymous.com/quiltshow.htm

It's always a very good show with plenty of vendors.

I don't understand Pinterest I hve tried to get sucked in but it just does not happen, sigh. I must be broken. You can explain the appeal when you get home! HOORAY!!

Yay, you're back! The fish valentines are adorable. Especially since they sidestep the awkward "be my valentine" phrase. And I like your table runners (especially the white-and-red one). What a pretty design.

I vote for 36 hr days too! My niece got me addicted to pinterest, LOVE it! Have actually tried a few things, it is fabulous fun! Those swedish fish valentines are so, so clever!
Love the runners too!

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