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Wow, really? You, slow? Huh, if only he knew that you drive the White Pass like that mini van was a sports car!

Nice that you're back. Happy New Year, thank goodness that you got a Mr. Smiley and nothing worse, and hope you're having fun in Utah.

Welcome Back! You make everything sound like it would be fun even if it wasn't. What a good attitude. I hope to hear more from you soon.

Yeah, I'd have cabin fever, too! Pity there wasn't anyone to supervise the "children" on the ferry. I would have embarrassed myself and my friends dealing with those dudes.

Such lovely eye candy! Jane is not afraid of color and bright, colorful quilts are my favorites. Thanks to you and her for sharing those with us.

Yay! You are back and I just loved the post!

Just when I thought you might never come back, you surface with lots of fun stories and plenty of "quilt" detail. Enjoy your Utah time!

Hi!!! It's so good to see a post from you, and a delightful and funny post to boot! Nice also to have you here in Northern Utah for your extended vacation. Sounds like you are really enjoying yourself and I hope to hear a lot more about your "Away from home" adventures, just so long as they don't end with you buying a Playstation and Big Screen TV and smashing beer cans on your forehead! Way funny story and I thank you for the giggle grins and smiles you provided as I ready myself to climb into bed. Big Hugs...

So glad you are blogging again. Sure have missed you. Eagerly waiting more news of your adventures.

Nice to hear from you again....and love your stories and pics of the quilt shop/studio.

Welcome back. I really enjoyed your post. Loved your answer to the officer's question of what you were drinking. Thanks for sharing.

It was great to see your post this morning! You've had quite an adventure getting to Utah. Glad to hear you're enjoying your visit.

We are certainly glad you are still around here!

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