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I agree with you about sharing your experiences at various quilt shops - both the good and the bad. Perhaps, you might email the owner of Gracie Lou's and let her/him know about your experience. It's hard to believe that the owner would allow such appalling customer service, but I'm also curious since I find that the owner of a small retail shop is usually there at the shop most of the time.

I agree with Donna. A call or email to the owner might help. I had a similar experience at a shop last year so I sent an email to the owner. She had been off work because of a pregnancy and had no idea what was going on. Although she was very embarrassed and unhappy with what I said, she was glad I told her so she could fix the problem.

I've only been to Gracie Lou's once and didn't have a problem. I know we can't please everybody but it sounds like you gave them plenty of opportunity to redeem themselves. Whimsey Cottage in Holaday is going out of business. I don't know if that is one of the shops you visit (it has brights rather than repros) but it is one that I will miss.

Too bad about the customer service. Going into a quilt shop should be a fun experience.

HA! Gracie Lou who...I like what you did there.

Amazing how much open floor space there is in this shop...not like the one we worked in! Right!

I'd definitly email the owner of the shop. Either she doesn't know what is going on, or she IS there, crabby and all...lol
IF she is there, maybe the quilt business isn't what she thought it would be and she is VERY unhappy?

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