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I always enjoy your posts, and look forward to your return! Your love for your town really comes through. I've always wanted to visit Alaska!

You write so well...I love reading your blog. Thanks for sharing.

We LOVED our stop-over in your little berg a few years ago. Our train ride was the BEST excursion we had all cruise.

I thought you must have started the tourist season again. I wish you a happy and wonderful season and look forward to reading any blogs you can squeeze in to let us know how it's going. You bring the town to life in your blogs.

Hi! I was just checking out some quilting blogs when l found yours. What a treat to read and the funny part is, I will be on one of those cruise ships and will be stopping at your port. Maybe I will see you there! Kathy

I found your site a few months ago while I was searching for an interesting ribbon border to use on a round robin quilt. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on your blog pics. It was much appreciated. Now that I'm checking back I've discovered that we are practially neighbors as I live in SE Alaska as well (the big city of SE). I'm Looking forward to enjoying more of your blog.

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