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With views like this quilting can certainly wait for those dark cold months. I was glad to see you post. You've been on my mind but I knew it was tourist time and how you love your job.

I wondered what you were up to. Well, actually, I knew you were working in that gorgeous playland of scenery. It's good to hear you'll be quilting soon. Enjoy those northern lights for me. I'm jealous.

You miss sewing, I miss Alaska. It's been almost a year since our cruise, but I'd love to do it again. I pulled out my mini-album of my best photos to show my co-workers at my new job, and got excited all over again.

As usual, I love your photos! Funny, my husband used to watch that show, and I half-way saw it when I'd be in the room, so I knew who Parker was! lol!

Glad to see you're finding time to play in your busy summer schedule...looks like fun

I'd love to visit Alaska someday! The Disney Wonder and you ran into Parker too?? Wow!! My family would be thrilled :-) We are fans of both! Have you ever seen Sig from Deadliest Catch? We are big fans of the crab fishermen too!

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