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Oh dear. I can't imagine the struggle. I occaisionally have a night where I can't turn off my brain, but it usually only lasts one night or so. The only postive I have for you is that I saw Deepak Chopra (or whatever his name is) on DR. Oz a while ago and he was addressing insomnia. He said that at least laying still in bed and relaxing (maybe doing some breathing exercises) is almost as good as actually sleeping. So try not to despair too much and at least try to rest your body? (I hope this helps.)

Oh, and we call OCD CDO in our family--so that the letters are in their "proper" alphabetical order...

Oh my, this sounds eerily like my night. Only mine started at 3:38 and my focus kept jumping from all kinds of bizarre things going wrong with the house we are in the process of starting to build for a move to the middle of nowhere, Washington sometime next year...to packing my stash, one piece per box, to the dog getting lost in the new house.......

There is something that works for me that I'd like to share with you. It is 2 for 1 breathing. Where the exhale takes twice as long as the inhale. You will inhale for a count of 4 and then exhale for a count of 8. It is a yoga practice. I learned it as a way to relax. What it actually does is decrease the amount of oxygen in your body and you naturally fall off to sleep. I suffer from insomnia very often and this usually works for me. Good luck!

You are too funny! But, thanks for sharing your early morning thoughts. Isn't there a full moon? That always keeps me up.

You are so weird.

Glad to hear that I'm not the only one that has somewhat strange thoughts when I can't get to sleep. Hope you get some rest. Thanks for sharing

I've been there.........

I know exactly what you mean - about the not sleeping. I'll have a few days in a row when that happens. If I could just get up and sew, it wouldn't be so bad - but that would wake everybody up - so usually I read until I nod off again. Now you've got me thinking about baking pies for this Thanksgiving weekend.....

Welcome to my world, and the world of every female I know approaching a certain age. Stay in bed and relax, are you kidding me, I get up, read my email, blogs, sometimes I even sew. I've never been so productive and tired! HAHAHA

I'm working on 1904 and loving it, have always loved that pattern, love yours, is it quilted?

Well that was probably better than being awakened by Maggie gagging and then puking on the bed (Don is in Bellingham, so she has earned her spot on his side of the bed while he is gone). When do you head south?

Love and hugs from Sitka...Jane

I'm so sorry you had to deal with insomnia but really, without it this amazingly wonderfully well-written post might not exist. You are an incredible writer and Bill and I both enjoy your posts. And, yes, we did laugh--you wanted us to, didn't you?

Wonderful description of the mind gone mad with sleeplessness. I don't suffer from insomnia but once or twice a year, but my husband complains that he can't shut his brain off. And because I have to live with his, I do sympathize with yours! Rest even if you can't sleep.

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